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The Community Impact Directory is your one-stop search for local organizations that help those in need within their communities. If you are in search of help, the Directory can connect you with the resources you need. If you wish to give back to your community, the Directory can show you organizations that need your help. The power of the Directory is to bring together those who are in need of assistance with those who want to help others.

The PEOPLE Academy developed the Community Impact Directory, designed by Sam Diamond Design, to include all categories of services, support, and individuals who are having a direct impact on your community. Simply choose whether you need to Get Help or want to Give Help, then use either the search or browse the categories for the help you need or want to give. The directory listings are constructed in short audio sound bytes, telling you what the organization does, who they impact, and what support the provide or require. The listings also include quick links to the organization’s website, resources, contact, and a more detailed listing page.

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