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Frequently Asked Questions

The Community Impact Directory brings together a community’s organizations in one place making it easy to find what you are looking for.  This allows organizations to connect with both those who wish to help be of assistance and those who need the organizations services.

  1. Select if you wish to help others in your community or if you are in need of assistance.
  2. Either search the directory with keywords or browse it by selecting a category that describes what you are looking for.  Those wishing to help have the added option of filtering by the type of help organizations are looking for: Volunteers, Donations, or Fundraising.
  3. View the search results.  Results can be revised by entering a new search or refined by selecting or deselecting multiple categories.  Note for those wishing to give help, only one of Volunteer, Donate, or Fundraise can be selected at a time.
  4. Each listing has an Impact Statement which describes what the organization does in the community.  This is also available as audio.  The icons in the upper right of each listing connect to other websites that feature this organization, such as The PEOPLE Chronicles.  The icons at the bottom of each listing connect to pages on that organizations website.
  5. Click on the organization’s logo or the ‘More Information’ link to view the full listing for that organization.  The full listing contains more detailed contact information for the organization as well as other key information including other organizations that interact with this organization.


Get Help is for those who are in need of assistance or services.  Browse with the categories or use the search to better find organizations within your community that can help you.

Give Help is for those who wish to give back to their community.  Organizations are looking for a variety of people to help them and ways that people can help.  If an organization has a page for Volunteers, Donations, or Fundraising, these icons will be available.  Searching or selecting a relevant category can help find organizations with more specific needs.

The Impact Statement is a short description of what an organization does within your community, the services the provide, the people they help, and the impact they have.

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